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Gerry Leinweber, Gord Hensel, Andy Patterson and Brad Almond graduated together from the University of Waterloo School of Optometry in 1980. Having just recently interned in Jamaica in May 1979, Andy and Gerry were keenly aware of the country's severe eyecare needs. Unfortunately, because of government funding cuts, the Lion's Sight Conservation project was cancelled. At the request of the Lion's Club of Montego Bay, the four men offered to step up and continue the project in 1981.


The rest as they say, is history! Hundreds of volunteers, thousands of hours of fundraising and hundreds of thousands of patients later, CVC has become a full-fledged registered charity organization that spans the world. CVC has performed services valued now at more than 60 million dollars since 1981

Canadian vision Care has a BIG heart for helping the people in need, wherever they are in the world!

Jamaica, Costa Rica, Philippines, Africa, Guyana are just a few places that we have visited to offer help and support.


CVC volunteers have existed since 1981 and have provided primary eyecare (eye exam and glasses) and surgical care to hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world.

CVC is proud to have created a structure where the 3 O's (Optometry, Ophthalmology and Opticianry) work together to deliver thorough, comprehensive and integrated care in the developing world.


We have to be thankful to all the Generous sponsors that make CVC possible.  We rely on personal funding and sponsorship to continue our good work.

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