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We Remember

Tony Nader

The Canadian Optical Industry, and Canadian Vision Care (CVC), lost one of the finest Opticians in the country on December 30, 2021. 


Tony Nader was tragically murdered while helping a patient at Insight Optometry in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Tony’s attacker was apprehended just two blocks away and has been charged with first degree murder.

Tony was a vital volunteer for CVC on the Jamaica Project,  and was one of the key members who trained the optical staff at our Mobay clinic.


Tony will be missed by all who knew him. This senseless tragedy cannot be understood, yet we can all help his wife and two daughters (aged 10 and 13) by donating to the GoFundMe campaign to support the family, and his daughters' educations.

This fundraising campaign has been endorsed by CVC's Board of Directors. CVC is a Registered Canadian Charity that was established in 1981.  CVC has completed eyecare projects around the world, and has permanent clinics in Jamaica, Malawi, and the Philippines.


In Canada, CVC has donated to many homeless clinic projects, and co-ordinated the “Eyes on Fort McMurray” project in 2016.  We ask that you consider making a donation of any size, to this GoFundMe appeal and remind you that before you click DONATE, you can reduce the “suggested tip” for GoFundMe to zero or a much smaller amount than they suggest.

Sincerely Yours in Service,


Gerry Leinweber, OD

CVC Co-Founder & Past President

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