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For three years now, CVC has been involved with the Malawi School. From building the school, to education, to providing equipment... CVC is there to help!

The clinical examination rooms were refurbished and equipped in memory of Dr. Ken Gellatly. Dr Ken Gellatly was a prominent Alberta optometrist who dedicated his career to the advancement of Optometry  and education. Dr. Ken Gellatly was a volunteer and supporter of Canadian vision care in Canada and internationally.

Basic equipment needed for
eye exam

Each student upon graduation receives a basic optometry kit, that has all the essential tools to complete an eye exam. This way, they can travel to remote villages and discover patients who are in need of glasses or surgery, then refer them to the school for more testing or extended care.

Malawi School

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Allan Jones, Malawi was able to build a school that is fully functional, practical and educational. Dr. Jones helped financially, and also in the design of the exam room, waiting room and pre-testing. He also helped acquire equipment for each exam and pre-test room, as well as made sure there was proper equipment in the lab. 

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