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Give a child a chance to learn at school like a child should. With a pair of glasses, that child will be able to read and write. Just the fundamental tools in life.

Why not give your best salesperson the gift of sharing? The feeling of having your name inside one of the optomery kits is priceless. Buying a complete set for an optometry student will give them the tools necessary to have a career.

Your donation can sponsor a student from the Malawi School of Optometry to graduate and become an optometrist.

In return, that student will be able to help his own people.

That is teaching someone to fish and feed himself for a lifetime, and to pass it on.

At Canadian Vision Care we are always looking for Optometrists, Opthalmologists and skilled opticians to join our short term outreach programs in the developing world.

We also have local projects like creating our SEE CAN eye clinics and gathering/shipping donated equipment for our teams and projects.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities.



With your generous donation, vision therapy, glasses, eye exams and equipment will be put to good use in much needed locations like Jamaica, the Philippines and Africa.



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