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Alberta Association of Optometrist donate $16,500 to CVC in 2013/14. 



Thanks to the generosity of so many optometrists in Alberta, when they sign and renew their membership with AAO, they can choose which charity organisation will receive the proceed.

By choosing CVC rest assure that 100% of your donation goes toward helping a project in Jamaica, Phillipinnes, Africa or Costa Rica.

From all the volunteers at CVC





First donation from Doctor's Choice Optical!

Dr. Gerry Leinweber donated $10,000 on behalf of his brother, Lorne Leinweber, with whom he built the Dr's. Choice brand that specializes in Digital HD lenses.

Everyone at CVC is very thankful for such generous donation.

Thank you Gerry and Dr's. Choice!


Golf Tournament summer 2014


Fantastic weather was with us all day and we had a team effort golf tournament with the CVC and the Lions Club. We were able to raise $5000, thanks to the generous donation of many golfers and sponsors.

CVC Summer BBQ


So many members gathered at Dr. Riaz ahmed home this summer to, we forgot to do a head count.  lots of stories exchanged between friends, is a great way to spend a sunday afternoon.  The BBQ master made some superbe Jamaican Jerk chicken wings and what a delight......except they were so hot, you could only enjoy one every 15 minutes, that was enough time to cool off and do it again.  Next year we will make two batches, the mild one and the hot ones.

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